Wednesday 10 April 2013



The classic Copenhagen tour (9 a.m. to app. 12.30 p.m.) costs $ 100 per adult (half price for children under 15 years of age).

We may include other people than you or your family, but no more than a total of 8-10 people will join a tour as we like to keep things personal and friendly. Please state if you want a private tour for your party only.

We do have a minimum of 4 adults or $ 400 for a tour. Guarantee your tour by signing up 4 adults (or agreeing to the price of $ 400) – if more people sign up before the day of the tour, you will of course only pay per person.

The added afternoon tours vary in price depending on your preferences, number of museums included, etc. Enquire via email.

We can only do tours for one cruiseship at a time, so act now before someone else books us!

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