Wednesday 10 April 2013

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Copenhagen is a city for bikes and pedestrians. Especially in the old inner city dating from the Middle Ages, driving is difficult. The best way to experience the atmosphere and sights of Copenhagen is by walking. As long as you wear comfortable shoes most able bodied persons will have no problem (predominantly flat terrain without steps) – and there will be plenty opportunity to sit and rest occasionally while taking in the sights.

Copenhagen is a very safe city. It is even common place to leave your sleeping baby in its pram outside on the street while you watch it from the comfort of a coffee shop or restaurant. You can walk around and browse in shops at your leisure, there is no hassle in Copenhagen.

The Classic Tour of Copenhagen

All tours start off with what we call the classic Copenhagen tour:

We will meet you at the port at 9 a.m. We will walk our way around some of Copenhagen’s impressive sights, including the little Mermaid, the Royal Palace Amalienborg, the canal Nyhavn, where Hans Christian Andersen lived, the national theatre, the Opera House (seen from across the water), Gefion Water Fountain, The English Church, and the Marble Church with the third largest unsupported dome in Europe, the Church of Our Lady where the royal wedding between Crown Prince Frederik and Australian born Crown Princess Mary took place, the old University building, the King’s Garden and Rosenborg Castle.

We will finish around 12.30 p.m. We will either


a) Leave you in the main shopping district where you will find the flagship stores of LEGO toys, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Georg Jensen Silver, Povl Klarlund jewels, Illums bolighus where you will find all those Danish design classics and other stores.

Or if you are travelling with kids, spend the afternoon in Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest theme parks in the world which is even said to have inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.

A leaflet with details of how you can make your own way back to the ship (by walking, bus or Taxi) will be provided including a map and a list of suggested places of where you can taste a real Danish or take a lunch with authentic Danish-style open sandwiches.

b)      Alternatively We take you safely back to the ship using the public city bus.

If you prefer a longer tour we offer an extended tour where we continue with one of our theme-based afternoon tours:

The Hans Christian Andersen and Soren Kierkegaard tour

Including the cemetary, where both are buried.

The World war II tour

Including the story behind "the longest walk" a walk of only 50 meters/165 feet, but with dire consequences for anyone taking it back between 1940 and 1945.

Tour includes a visit to the Freedom Museum, featuring the Eye patch of Heinrich Himmler, and several other interesting items for the WWII buff. A special visit to the Danish Arsenal "TĂžjhusmuseet" can also be arranged, housing one of the biggest firearms collections of the world. A German Goliath demolition vehicle, an M24 Chaffee tank and several other must sees.

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